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Poem: Striding Down 5th Avenue - Moore From Life

Striding Down 5th Avenue

poem – 3/31/2005


vibrant color palette

unable to seek refuge in a crowd,

envious of the chameleon.

averted eyes become the mechanism.

brisk walk with chalk legs


paper thin, thick headed.

small ocular dictator,

whisping a current of color

in her wake.

rainbow in an oily puddle.

breath of faith in man.

image from: www.dreamstime.com

Behind the Poem:

I wrote this poem when I was in Naples, Florida. My parents owned a house in South-western Florida for almost 10 years and I was able to go there almost every Thanksgiving and when I was between jobs. I believe I wrote this on my last visit there – I spent two weeks with just me and my dad, before he sold the place (fortunately before the real estate bubble burst!).

There is a 5th Avenue in Naples, Florida, and  it rivals the glamour and pomp of that in NYC.  Most everyone is clad in vibrant coastal colors, especially Lilly Pulitzer. When I wrote this poem, I had an image of a very colorful woman from Florida sauntering through a monochromatic backdrop of NYC.  I imagined that she was one to turn heads easily, yet felt a little uncomfortable by it, although it was nothing new to her. I also thought about what it would be like to watch a strikingly gorgeous woman walk with an air of confident aloofness.

No anecdote here really; just a visual impression.

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