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10 Essentials For Your Beauty Arsenal - Moore From Life

I was not very big into makeup when I was younger. In fact I always told myself that when I got to the point where I couldn’t leave the house without makeup, then I knew I was “old”. Well I guess I am officially old, by my teenaged standards.

So over the years,  I have learned to take care of my skin, and slowly but surely add products and tools to my beauty arsenal that seemed appropriate as I aged and learned how to amplify or deminish what God gave me ;). In fact, it wasn’t until a few years ago when I discovered Almay’s eye makeup coordinated for specific eye colors, that I felt confident enough to wear eyeshadow- now I love eyeshadow colors and rarely leave the house without it because of all the fun combinations I can do with my hazel eyes (I buy the hazel, brown and green colored eye shadows).

intense i-color bold nudes kit

Almay eyeshadow – coordinated for YOUR eye color! Takes the guess work out of finding what looks good on you.

Recently, our MOPS group hosted a professional makeup artist, Heather Baker, as our speaker.  I learned a few new tips and also about some new products to add to my makeup wish list. Uh, yes… I had to create a wish list because some of these products are truly an investment $, but worth it!

Heather Baker’s Top 10Essentials in your Beauty Arsenal:

1. Clarisonic- if you are going to invest in one thing, invest in your skin. You can use this machine everyday with your regular cleanser and it supposedly gets a deep clean and aids in exfoliation. They can range in price from $100-$300. Recommended products: Mia 2-speed

2. Face Primer – this goes on under your foundation and helps keep your makeup on. In addition, it acts as a filler by smoothing out any rough texture on your face. You can think of it like priming a wall before painting it! Recommended products are: Laura Mercier or Smashbox

3. Under Eye Brightener- helps to conceal without looking heavy under your eyes. You can replace your concealer or use in conjunction with it. Recommended products are: Dior skin flash, Touchet Éclat by YSL, or Trish McAvoy’s Instant Eye lift

4. Eye Shadow Primer- helps keep eye shadow on and eliminates creasing. Heather Recommends: Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion or Trish McEvoy’s Bare.

5. Tinted Moisturizer- this helps hydrate and even out skin tone. You can use this instead of your foundation or in addition to it, depending on how much coverage you want. Heather Recommends: NARS, Smashbox, or Laura Mercier.

6. A Good Moisturizer- your makeup will only look as good as the skin underneath it; and we women in Colorado need a lot of moisture in this dry climate. Heather Recommends: LaMer ( $150 for a 3 month supply) or Bobby Brown.

7. Exfoliator- helps get rid of dull dead skin and leaves the skin looking fresh. Heather Recommends: Origins or Philosophy.

8. White Eyeliner – helps redness in the eyes and makes eyes pop. Apparently, lots of tv people wear this to brighten their eyes-it is applied to the crease just inside the bottom eyelid. Heather Recommends: MAC

9. Eyebrow Filler- filling in the brows can help shape the eyes and make them pop more. Personally, I just can’t get the shape of the brow that I want naturally, so I love filling in my own eyebrows. Eyebrow pencil will be a more defined look, or you can use eyeshadow and fill in with a brush.

10. Brush Cleaner- brushes need to be cared for and cleaned once a month. This preserves them longer and is more healthy for your skin.One tip, is to lay them, on their side over the edge of a counter to try versus standing them up in a cup (if you stand them up then the moisture can seep into the handles of the brushes and they wiull not last as long). Heather Recommends: MAC

lip-stick ‘em up!

So how did you score on the list of 10 must haves?

I scored a 5 out of 10.

1. I have a tinted moisturizer from Image and Dermalogica that I love using in the summer when I don’t want to wear foundation during the day.

2. I have a decent moisturizer from Mary Kay that I use because I get it for free from my mother-in-law, but it sure doesn’t do what LaMer claims…

3. I have an exfoliator from Shine Botanicals that I love because it is all natural,  no chemicals, and it smells like the raspberries that it made from. YOu can find them on this blog under “Our Friends

4. I have an eyebrow filler eyeshadow- my brows have no natural arch so I can’t even wax them into the shape I want, so I have been using a brown/plum colored eyeshadow and applying it with a thin brush.

5. I have liquid cleaner for my brushes, but I have only been cleaning them once or twice a year!

On my wish list I am going to add:

Clarisonic for deep cleansing

The Clairsonic Mia 2 will run you about $150 – but we all need to start with a clean canvas before we ‘paint’

LaMer moisturizer because it is supposed to work miracles

La Mer 'The Moisturizing' Gel Cream

La Mer – “from the sea” – supposedly the best cream in the world!

Dior air flash foundation because it was mind-blowing when I saw it applied! It took a fresh face and turned it into a perfectly flawless complexion without looking too cakey!

Dior Airflash – for a flawless face, with no cakey-ness


Thank you again to Heather Baker for educating us and teasing us all at the same time.

Please visit her website www.makeupbyheather.com and LIKE her on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/makeupbyheatherb

The beautiful and talented Heather B.


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