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Moore From Life - Page 3 of 14 - adventures in Colorado living, entrepreneurship and family, guided by liberty, leadership and faith!

The Celebration:

We have changed the vernacular for “Anniversary” in our house – it is now called “Our Family’s Birthday”. I borrowed the idea, but I cannot remember from whom it was taken.  And like the stolen tradition, we too buy a cake or cupcake to commemorate the sweet day when we became a yummy, little family.

Rise and Shine little one- your family turns 5 today!

Rise and Shine little one- your family turns 5 today!

We also play hookie!

The Venue: Ten Mile Station – Breckenridge, Colorado

No matter what day of the week it is, each year on our family’s birthday we head to our exact same wedding spot, where we prepped, promised ourselves, and partied the night away. To our good fortune, no one has been there to get married on our birthday celebration, so we have been able to have lunch and take pictures uninterrupted. In the winter, Ten Mile Station is a full-functioning restaurant and relaxing spot for skiers. It is situated in the middle of Peak 9, directly off the Quicksilver Super-Quad chairlift. But in the summer, the angelic white snow gives rise to hundreds of wildflowers and a variety of Colorado’s state flower, the Columbine. Needless to say that we didn’t have to decorate this wedding venue very much at all – we left it up to God!


The Grub:

Whenever we are in Breckenridge, we MUST eat at La Francaise French Bakery. In fact, sometimes I just want to make a special trip to Breck so I can eat there! We get the quiche Loraine, and a baguette with brie, salami, tomato, lettuce and olive oil – TDF! And, of course, we picked up our favorite beer from Oskar Blues – G’Knight. At 10% ABV and $ per 4 pack, it usually only graces our palettes on special occasions :)


The Weather:

It started to get gloomy and overcast, typical for the mountains above 10,000 feet, even in late summer. We were prepared for the precipitation and temperature drop, so we threw on our raincoats and an extra warm layer and walked around town. We saw the horse-drawn carriage, went to the kiddie park off Main Street...which happened to be right across the plaza from The Breckenridge Distillery Tasting Room.


The Tasting Room:

The Tasting Room offers samples of their award winning Bourbon, Vodka and Bitters. Although I stay away from hard liquor these days, these little *nips* were perfect for warming up the internals on a chilly afternoon. Even our daughter got to *cheers* with her little sample glass…of water.


The Surprise:

As we made our way back to the public parking lot, we walked by the Riverwalk Center, a performing arts facility, and noticed a performance going on. We were welcomed in and noticed that guests were interspersed among the orchestra performers, and were lounging on blankets. It turns out that it was a community event where families were invited to get up close and personal with the musicians, while the conductor explained various aspects of classical music and how sound was created. Children gathered in the center beneath the conductor, while others casually lay at the feet of the performers like loyal pets. It was such a treat!

We feel so blessed to be surrounded by such natural beauty. Breckenridge certainly has special memories for us, but we intend to create many more. I encourage you to make a trip at any time of year, if you have never been before :)

The Happily Ever After:

"I DO" declare, my love for you. photo from my friend Molly McGannon Photography

photo from my friend Molly McGannon Photography



When I was young and impetuous, I would behave as if I didn’t care what anyone thought about me. If my experimental style of dress was an eye-sore, then look away. If I offended with my words, it was not on purpose, so I was not apologetic. Get a thicker skin. If my wild behavior was embarrassing; then don’t hang out with me.

When I was in college, I was especially experimental. And I was educated now too, so I thought I was kind of “The Sh*t”. I even remember priding myself on taking on any dare…as long as my mortality was not at stake.

What scares you more- speaking the truth or skydiving? image from: www.quotesinn.com

While my exterior may have suggested confidence and a care-free attitude...anyone who has taken Psyc 101 (or watched Oprah)…would know that it was an attempt to find myself…and cover up any insecurities that I was not willing to deal with.

So here I am, 20 years later, and I still don’t care what you think of me. But for a different reason.

I only care what God thinks of me.


My journey toward this peace I feel in the loving-kindness and mercy and grace of God, is not one that I am ‘fully’ aware of. But it IS a result of actively searching for something to plug the little empty hole inside that He placed there specifically for the purpose of seeking Him out .  But I do know that geography (Southern California) played a part in introducing me to New Age ‘religion’, Buddhism, and probably a few other things. And that I was very drawn to the 8 fold path:

The Buddhas 8 Fold Path

I still reflect back on this teaching as a Christian, because I desire my behavior, my speech, and my thoughts to all be geared toward what will make God proud of me.

How can I be a living extension of God’s love?  

How can I be light in a dark world?  

How can I be more like Jesus Christ?


Although this is my focus, I don’t always live up to it. I can still be short with people. I can be hurtful. I can be neglectful.

But I still don’t care; because I recognize that I am human (not perfect)  - and that I am sinful in nature. Unlike the Buddha’s teachings that attracted me in my youth and searching, my goal is not Nirvana.

My goal is to follow Christ; and in so doing, arrive at the Pearly Gates of Heaven to be enveloped in the merciful arms of God who will say to me:

the sweetest phrase my ears could hear :) image from: www.rootsweb.ancestry.com

What I am learning to live out now, is that you can be the person who doesn’t care what others think, but who cares deeply about others.

Kind of a mind flip. Kind of cool.

welcome home

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Striding Down 5th Avenue

poem – 3/31/2005


vibrant color palette

unable to seek refuge in a crowd,

envious of the chameleon.

averted eyes become the mechanism.

brisk walk with chalk legs


paper thin, thick headed.

small ocular dictator,

whisping a current of color

in her wake.

rainbow in an oily puddle.

breath of faith in man.

image from: www.dreamstime.com

Behind the Poem:

I wrote this poem when I was in Naples, Florida. My parents owned a house in South-western Florida for almost 10 years and I was able to go there almost every Thanksgiving and when I was between jobs. I believe I wrote this on my last visit there – I spent two weeks with just me and my dad, before he sold the place (fortunately before the real estate bubble burst!).

There is a 5th Avenue in Naples, Florida, and  it rivals the glamour and pomp of that in NYC.  Most everyone is clad in vibrant coastal colors, especially Lilly Pulitzer. When I wrote this poem, I had an image of a very colorful woman from Florida sauntering through a monochromatic backdrop of NYC.  I imagined that she was one to turn heads easily, yet felt a little uncomfortable by it, although it was nothing new to her. I also thought about what it would be like to watch a strikingly gorgeous woman walk with an air of confident aloofness.

No anecdote here really; just a visual impression.

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