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Prayer Target: The Lord’s Cocoon - Moore From Life

“Greg writes, ‘Our neighbor rang the doorbell. ‘Excuse me but did you notice that your car is lying on its side?’ I stared unbelieving…did some teenagers push it over as a prank? Where is [my wife] Sally? Sally was inside unable to move or unlock the doors! She had pressed the accelerator instead of the brake coming down the driveway. In order to avoid crashing into the house, she yanked the steering wheel to the left, flipping the car on its side.

photo from: www.scottclarkstoyota.com

I couldn’t get the doors open. I called 911. Suddenly Danny the fireman from across the street ran to the rescue…her got her out through the trunk! The police, firemen and an ambulance with two medics arrived in minutes.

Sally came out without a bruise or any pain anywhere. She said, ‘I felt like I was in the Lord’s cocoon’. The car was towed away…as the medics said, ‘It’s just a lot of metal’.

Praise the Lord for His cocoon around Sally, and pray for the provision of a new car.”

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