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The Moral Case For Free Enterprise: Part 3 - Moore From Life

In preparation for the 2014  VALS  Program hosted by CCU this week, I wanted to {finally} post my notes from last year’s Program.

On April 24, 2014 the topic will be ”The Future of the American Dream: Crisis or Confidence?” Go here to register or lean more: http://www.ccu.edu/vals/

2013 VALS Program hosted by  Colorado Christian University

The Moral Case For Free Enterprise: Part 3

More government = less freedom

This is Part Three in a Series of Posts from 2013 VALS Program hosted by Colorado Christian University.  The topic was The Moral Case For Free Enterprise – this information will assist anyone in articulating the necessity of preserving the greatest economic system that has ever existed on the earth. Go to the bottom of this post to access other posts from this conference.

The Moral Case For Free Enterprise: Part 3

Dr. Jill Vecchio on Obamacare

“Obamacare” marks the first time in history where the government can impose a penalty upon an individual if they do not purchase a product. Personally, I believe this is a slippery-slope because there is now a precedent set by the Supreme Court that allows the government to tax you if you don’t buy what they tell you to buy…scary! The premise of the Affordable Health Care Act is that ‘healthcare’ should be equal for all. Dr. Vecchio believes that equality in health care means that the quality of that care goes down across the board for all people.

image from: www.pbs.org

There are two different ideological ways at looking at healthcare that are in play: that of Hippocrates (where we get our Hippocratic Oath from) and that of Plato. Hippocrates believed that all life is sacred, and that doctors are bound to care for the individual. Plato believed that we need to approach health care as a society whose resources are limited. Consequently the very young, the very old, and the handicapped are expendable because the limited resources need to be allocated to those in the middle who are ‘viable’. Dr. Vecchio gave examples of this in action today – abortion, sterilization, assisted suicide, and comparative effectiveness (this is where a dollar amount is assessed to a treatment based on a person’s age).

image from: www.biography.com

Dr. Vecchio stated that the big question is: Who chooses what kind of care is right for a particular individual? The answer is: Whoever is paying for it. So, if the government is paying for your health care, then they get to decide which treatments (if any) you receive.

*Hollis’ remarks: Remember President Obama’s comment about the 85 year old woman who should just take a pain pill versus getting her hip replaced? This is pretty frightening to me, to have the government deciding what procedures I am allowed to have! It reminds me of a young-adult fiction book  by Matthew Tobin Anderson called FEED, that I highly encourage you to read- the government decides who gets medical treatment based on their consumer purchasing activity!

The issue, Dr. Vecchio states, is not whether all people have access to healthcare – because we can all walk into a clinic right now and get treated whether or not we can pay for it – the issue is personal responsibility versus government dependence.

Medical professionals opposing Obamacare
image from: www.hangthebankers.com

So how do we break loose from this government control? We need to accept responsibility for our own choices, our own lifestyles, and our own healthcare; and accept the consequences. AND we need to take care of the truly needy. Dr. Vecchio was very clear on the difference between those who are truly needy and those who make bad choices that put them in need.

There are people in our society who make bad choices and then want others to bear the burden of the consequences of those choices.  They are prey for a government who wants to gain more control over us, and alleviate them from their choices by promising to take care of them and that it is something they are owed. These are not the truly needy. We have wonderful charities that can assist the truly needy; and to whom many are thankful. But when government takes over for our charities then the “thank yous” go away, and that service becomes an entitlement.

Are you truly in need?
image from: www.30-days.net

There is a reason why Americans (and conservative Americans especially) give more to charities as a nation than any other country – we are tasked to take care of our own.  However, in other countries the government has programs that take care of people so individuals don’t feel compelled to give. Personally, I would rather give my support  to the causes that I feel are worthwhile, versus having a bureaucrat take my money and distribute it. I believe that we can take care of ourselves and our neighbors better than the government can take care of us!

To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, Dr. Vecchio states:

“Those who would trade freedom for security, deserve neither”

On April 24, 2014 the topic will be ”The Future of the American Dream: Crisis or Confidence?” Go here to register or lean more: http://www.ccu.edu/vals/

To access Part 1, go here: http://moorefromlife.com/colorado-adventures/freeenterprisepart1

To access Part 2, go here: http://moorefromlife.com/entrepreneurship/freeenterprisepart2

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