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earn - Moore From Life

Moore From Life is all about promoting free enterprise! We are entrepreneurs at heart, and love supporting others in their quest for success. If you are looking for a career change, a little spending cash, more freedom, or the ability to stay at home with your kids then there are plenty of options that we endorse.

Please visit these business opportunities and contact us or them directly if you want to get started earning for yourself. When it comes to providing for yourself and your family, it’s best to “dig your well before you are thirsty”!


LIFE is a leadership development program for adults, kids, and business organizations too.

Your monthly subscription to LIFE includes books, audio CD’s, DVD’s, and live events.  Depending on which track you choose, you can study leadership, life skills, relationship building and faith formation.

Moore From Life is proud to be an exclusive independent distributor of the LIFE program. Our family has been students of this information since 2005 and it has improved our marriage, our parenting, growing our businesses, and developing our faith.

And if you really like how the information is helping you to get Moore From Life, then you can share it with others and make money too! To learn more or to get started learning and/or earning READ MORE HERE or send me a note in the BLOG CONTACT FORM.

Ignite- Save money and make money on your gas and electric energy bills, without any change in service.

Did you know that 6 states in the US now have deregulated their energy markets? What this means is that people in Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Texas have a choice in who they buy energy from.  Just like the telephone industry deregulation several decades ago, all states will eventually deregulate, thereby creating a free market and better options with lower prices for consumers like you and me.

Ignite’s parent company, Stream Energy, is a 7 year old, debt-free company that has done $5 billion in total revenue. Stream has also received many industry awards and is one of the fastest growing companies that has revolutionized the de-regulated energy market. Their business plan allows individuals to sell energy through a direct sales/network marketing framework; this means that you can make money by referring other families to the company to save money on their bill too!

Even though your state may not be deregulated yet, you can still sign up to be a re-seller of energy nationwide, and build a home-based business for yourself in anticipation of YOUR state soon joining the deregulated market. If you want to save and/or make money on your energy bill, CONTACT ME  and we can discuss how to get sta

Click Here for a 1 minute video

Company Website

Clean NationEncourage energy independence & clean up our environment by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits.

What do you do to give back to your community and your world? If cleaner energy and a cleaner environment is important to you, then you can support this effort. Ignite’s parent company, Stream Energy(see above), is also in the business of cleaning up our environment by supplying clean energy to the local energy grids.

Through a direct sales model, Clean Nation representatives are able to sell EPA backed Renewable Energy Credits to help clean up our nation, encourage energy independence, create income for your family, and leave a better world for our children  If this is something you are interested in as a customer or a re-seller, then please CONTACT US.

Watch a 4 minute video here to lean more:


click on the image to link to the website

Thirty-One Gifts - my baby sister, Meredith Britton is a spectacular rep for 31 Gifts. Bags, purses, home organization, etc. for men, women and children! Support her efforts to be a stay-at-home mom, and make your home clutter free and beautiful.

click on this image to link to the websiteStella & Dot jewelry- Teresa Anderson is my friend with fabulous style, so it does not surprise me that she represents an amazing collection of  jewelry. With 50% of the line under $50, you would never guess that so many Hollywood stars covet these accessories. Teresa has a great blog, Hugs & Punches, that you should follow too!