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Transition From Midwest to West: Method or Mentality? - Moore From Life

I am in transition mode right now. My 26 month old daughter and I just spent 4 weeks in my home town of Cleveland, Ohio visiting family and friends. (slide show post to follow)

Cleveland is officially the “Birthplace of Rock-N-Roll” and home to the Rock-N-Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. This was the first of P’s many visits… :)

And then she and I spent anther 5 days on the road driving back to Colorado ...pulling a U Haul…about 1500 miles…did I mention that I have a toddler?   I have to give her credit because she proved herself to be a worthy road-warrior and excellent adventure buddy . I guess all those in-state day trips, week long Colorado adventures, and bi-annual flights to Ohio trained her for the decathlon of toddler travel! Looking forward to many more, Little P!

hand-me-down iPod with customized playlist and Hello Kitty earphones from Old Navy really make the 3 hour flight from Denver to Cleveland a bit more chill!

Anyway, since I usually go “off-line” when I am with my family because there is so much to do (and my mom used to have  bad Internet and an ancient PC) …I am now just getting back into the swing of things. And, since the blogging thing is new to me and I am challenged by my ability to store, edit, and upload photos for a significant blog; I have not posted anything in my virtual absence.

So here is just a quick thought about about my transition back home to Colorado, after 4 wonderful weeks with family that we only get to see every 6 to 9 to 12 months a year…

“In transition mode from Midwest to West – after 4 weeks in Ohio and one week on the road with a U Haul trailer and a toddler, I’m just settling back into a ‘summer routine’. But if God has taught me anything (i.e. disciplined me) it is: not to put too much emphasis on schedules and structure. I have more fun, experience life more, and learn more about Him when I just go with the flow – and listen to His direction for my day. So…transitioning geographically provides an opportunity to transition and transform spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I know my body is thankful for no humidity…now if I could just ‘transform’ those 7 lbs of fat I gained into muscle, that would be a great start to my Western Summer!”

perspective: a little girl in a big world @ Living History Farm in Des Moines, Iowa www/lhf.org

 So is transition a series of steps that we implement to feel more comfortable in our environment?

Or is it a state of being, where we allow our Creator to direct our ease into our environment?


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