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about - Moore From Life

About Moore From Life, LLC:

Moore From Life is an evolving entity that now brings together all the randomness in my life via a blog.  My interests in entrepreneurship and creative writing and adventuring seemed so disconnected until I was inspired to gather it all up in this one place.

So, on my blog posts you will find me talking about:

  • Family and the awe that I have as a first time mother
  • The freedom and frustration of being psychologically unemployable and owning my own businesses
  • My love of God and liberty and life-long learning
  • Creative writing like poetry and music
  • And I will probably be talking about snowboarding and delicious craft beer too
  • Feel free to vicariously live through our family’s adventures in Colorado, or try one of our trips for yourself! (I hope to start e-publishing mini tour books based on what excursions we embark upon)

Other info within this blog:

We love small businesses and entrepreneurs and relationship marketing – so I want to promote these enterprises and provide YOU with the opportunity to become a business owner or a customer. Some of these businesses Moore From Life owns, and some are our friends’; but they will always be enterprises that we personally endorse. For example:

  • Leadership development and personal growth programs – direct sales
  • Deregulated Energy and Gas Utilities – direct sales
  • Renewable Energy Credits – philanthropy and direct sales
  • Home organization, jewelry, bags, accessories- direct sales
let's get down to business!

let’s get down to business!

We’ve been around since 2008:

In the past we have offered leadership development and character education programs; corporate training and relationship building; real estate investment deals and investing education; financial literacy education; creative writing, music, and book distribution; career readiness and resume building; secondary education tutoring; business investment and business brokering…and I am sure there has been more…

…but the common theme has always been to empower others to get Moore From Life by connecting them with the resources that they need for success and enjoyment. My hope is to fulfill that goal with this blog (and the information and opportunities within it) by inspiring, educating or entertaining through my own observations and experiences.

The gist:

  • So ENJOY my writing and music and other entertaining resources
  • LEARN about the other businesses we run and those businesses we support (and patronize them too, of course)
  • Investigate the ways you can EARN too.
  • LEARN  about the joys of living a life within an environment of liberty, directed by leadership, and guided by faith!

The blog is new, but the principles are old. My hope, is that you find something here that allows you to get Moore From Life too!

100+ Things About Hollis:

1. Born in Springfield, Massachusetts; raised in Cleveland, Ohio; went to college, found true love, and now reside in Denver, Colorado.

The Mile High City

The Mile High City

2. My daughter is a 6th generation Colorado Native. My husband’s family traveled from the east in covered wagons and homesteaded land

3. I love Belgium strong ales (link to lets pour)

4. I lived in Costa Rica for 2 months after college and worked in a surf shop- I had the opportunity to stay for 8 months but I knew I would not earn/save enough money to buy a ticket back home…I think my family was happy with my decision not to remain stranded

5. At 25 I left my family’s business in Cleveland and moved to San Diego with no job and all my possessions in my Jeep

6. I have hit a target 200 yards away with a Springfield Armory M1 grand rifle

Yes, all my gear is pink. No, I did not plan that.

Yes, all my gear is pink. No, I did not plan that.

7. I used to sell advertising in firearms magazines

8. I bungee jumped at the world’s highest legal bungee in Interlocken Switzerland

9. I have been snowboarding since 1994 and it is my #1 favorite thing to do outdoors

Keystone, Colorado

Keystone, Colorado

10. I sing in our contemporary worship band at church (ENJOY HERE)

11. I used to write poetry, then one day I heard melody behind my words so now I write all types of music

12. I leave my daughter in the car to sleep in our garage when she car-naps (her average car nap is 3 hours vs 45 min in her crib)

13. I gave my life to Christ on Jan 4, 2008 at age 33

14. I love being a mom more than I could have ever imagined – and I was okay with never having children.

being silly is what I like best about being a mom

15. I cannot read music but I can harmonize naturally

16. I’ve always wanted to be in a rock band

17. I am an only child, the oldest child, and the youngest child (hmmm…yes, I come from a blended family)

18. My nickname as a baby was “Pudge” – but my dad claims my daughter is a lot chubbier than I was

19. The Rocky Mountains take my breath away and renew my belief in a Creator God

20. I studied in Ghana West Africa during college

21. I finished college in 3.25 years


just miles away from the Rocky Mountains…an inspiring learning environment

22. I have a BA in English and Psychology; and a Masters in education with an emphasis in cross-cultural teaching

23. At age 32 I discovered that I love eye shadow

24. I love having painted fingernails – even when I hike and camp

25. At age 18 I completed a 30 day Outward Bound rock climbing and survival course in the Sierra Nevada Mts for my Senior Project. Less than 24 hours back into civilization, I went from hiking boots to high heels and was wearing a prom dress – talk about culture shock!

26. After college, two of my best friends and I spent 3 months traveling around western Europe. One of them has never left and now has dual residency.

27. At age 22 I spent 2 months driving cross country in my Jeep Wrangler visiting friends, seeing America and writing

28. I have traveled Route 66 two times – and stopped at all the touristy spots!

there's nothing like the open road and Americana to inspire a song

there’s nothing like the open road and Americana to inspire a song

29. Old fashioned roller-coasters are awesome!

30. I’ve become one of those annoying moms who brags about her kid – but I am just so honestly amazed at how smart such a little human can be!

31. I hate to clean and I am not good at it – so several times a year I will hire someone to do it better than I ever could.

32. I was my husband’s “girl that got away” – we met at age 19 in college and then didn’t see each other for over 10 years (story to come)

34. My eyes were brown until I hit puberty


hello hazel!

hello hazel!

35. I love personal growth and leadership information! I can’t get enough of these topics

36. I believe that people can change, if THEY want to. I know because I have done it

37. I believe that motherhood is a mission – the biggest responsibility on earth is to raise a human being

38. I played lacrosse on the first women’s varsity team at The University of Denver; I had never played lacrosse before but I made the national team for Colorado that same year and competed in the Vail Valley Shootout

DU Lax

39. I played field hockey for 6 years in middle/high school, and it created some of my best memories growing up

40. I coached middle school girls lacrosse and high school JV field hockey – this was soooo much better than teaching because the final score of the game “graded” them, not me

41. I taught English/language arts at 5 different schools in 5 years – then I retired from teaching

42. I was forced to be a member of two unions, although I did not want to be, and feel they are generally outdated and corrupt organizations

43. At age 33 I learned that I was a liberty-loving conservative

44. I hate clutter and nick-knacks; I love simplicity in decor and organized bins/piles/containers

45. The American flag is one of my favorite symbols

my daughter's 1 year portraits

my daughter’s 1 year portraits

46. I wrote my master’s thesis on Dystopias using Atlas Shrugged, Brave New World, Anthem, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and Animal Farm as my material – I am frightened to see many aspects of these fictional societies creeping into our daily lives

47. I detest the impact that pop culture and materialism have on our children, and consequently our society

48. I am a compulsive shopper and have to keep myself away from stores- I love clothes, shoes and jewelry too much to exercise self-control when I see something I like

49. Yoga has been my friend since 2000

babies are born yogis

babies are born yogis

50. My goal in the next three years is to become a player on our local roller derby team (after my next baby…)

51. Cleveland’s fall colors in October are the most visually stimulating in the world

52. Even though I surfed for several years when I lived in Southern California, I hate not being able to see the bottom of the ocean…and will probably never surf again


Pacific Beach – my stomping grounds for 7 years

53. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue

54. I cannot bake, and I don’t feel like learning – too many specifics in a recipe; but I love to improvise with flavors in a dinner recipe

55. I want to like Bloody Mary’s and pumpkin pie – but I detest how they taste

56. I know that at some point in our lives, we will ALL be called upon to be leaders

57. I want an ample supply of ammo and an emergency readiness kit

58. Every Friday we stream house music from the club Ministry of Sound in London, and have a family dance party

dance music galore

dance music galore

59. My husband is the only man that I ever willingly humbled myself before; and it has been liberating

60. I attended 12 years of co-ed private school, taught 5 years in public schools; but think homeschooling will be best for my kids/family. Teaching was my official profession for many years, and I love experiential and mastery learning

61. Every day my daughter and I go on an adventure – Wildlife Experience, hiking Castlewood Canyon, Target, Ikea…

conquering the Target ball

conquering the Target ball


conquering the fire truck

conquering the skate park (even without her skateboard)

conquering the skate park (even without her skateboard)


62. I envy those who are DIY’ers and can make their home look beautiful on their own – I asked for a sewing machine for  Christmas last year, and I have still not taken it out of the box

63. One of our new family rituals on Fridays is baking pizza and watching the political talk shows on PBS in our jammies

64. I LOVE going to our church- even after my faith conversion, I still did not envision that I would love church so much – now, it’s so much a part of our lives that there is really no clear separation. Some of my friends can’t believe the “new” me!

learning to live like him and for him

learning to live like him and for him

65. I saw Poltergiest at age 5 in the theater – what were my parents thinking!

66. I scare very easily (see above); sometimes at the sound of my own name if someone speaks unexpectedly

67. Colorado has the best craft breweries in the world – and there is an app for that! (Brew Tour CO)

Ska Brewery - Durango, Colorado

Ska Brewery – Durango, Colorado

68. I live for my weekly women’s bible study; and God’s living Word, of course

69. I gained about 40 lbs when I was pregnant and lost 50 lbs after the birth of my daughter without dieting or exercise – breastfeeding is amazing for burning calories

6 months

6 months

2 days before delivery - everyone asked me if I was having twins!

2 days before delivery – everyone asked me if I was having twins!

70. I’ve never had a broken bone or stitches, although I am the most reckless and clumsy in my family

71. The more I learn about the US and our history and our great people, the more I am convinced that God has blessed us, so that we may be a force for good in the world and bless others

72. I am an eco-conscious capitalist

73. I am writing a book on business and politics entitled: Patriotic Profit – your duty to your business is to engage in your government. I want to inspire small business owners to avoid the osterage syndrome

74. I’ve always wanted to invent something…and make money on it if I could. Then God blessed me with the inspiration for RecycledRegistry.com! 


75. I have the deepest reverence for our military who, aside from Jesus Christ, have given the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our liberty and livelihood

76. The only pair of designer jeans I owned were maternity jeans (My Joes Jeans were a hand-me-down)

77. I don’t like reading books that have been made into movies – I’d rather spend two hours watching than two months reading

78. I love cool sunglasses, but I loose them frequently. It is sunny 360 days a year in Colorado, so I always have an excuse to wear them

Brand: Electric

Brand: Electric

79. Our family has driven for 10 hours on a one day road trip and never left the state of Colorado – there are so many places to explore here!

80. My motto as a teacher was: to lead others to the resources that will empower them for life long learning

81. When I was 17, I wanted to be an English Teacher – I became a high school English teacher at age 27

82. I think it would be cool to live in the UAE

83. Sprained right ankle 20+ times, PLUS sprained left ankle 60+ times = two reconstructive ankle surgeries

recovering in style with an orange pedicure

recovering in style with an orange pedicure

84. LASIK eye surgery was one of my top 5 best things I even did with my life - even though I now need reading glasses after I had the surgery 12 years ago (the result of pregnancy and age)

85. Whenever I meet a person in the military, I say enthusiastically, “Thank you for your service”. If I can buy them a drink, then I do that too

86. I have sky-dived twice; and loved it!

obviously this is not me...but doesn't that look so cool?!

obviously this is not me…but doesn’t that look so cool?!

87. My husband is obsessed with maps and I travel by instinct

88. I traveled in Costa Rica for two months with Dierks Bentley before he became famous – we had just graduated college and he said that when he returned to the states he wanted to move to Nashville and become a country music singer…and the rest is Grammy history

89. I learned how to skateboard when I was 25 years old. I still occasionally ride my Gravity board whose deck is adorned with a cartoon rendering of Einstein

90. I have been to Amsterdam four times

91. My parents are a part of American History: they attended Kent State University and were on campus in 1970 when the National Guard killed four students; they knew two of the kids who died

Kent State University May 4, 1970

Kent State University May 4, 1970


Kent State University May 4, 1970

Kent State University May 4, 1970

92. My only pet peeve around the house is a sink full of dirty dishes

93. I own a despicable number of sweatshirts and fleece jackets – but layering year-round in Colorado is a necessity!

94. Wind is my favorite natural element – except when on a chairlift

95. I can envision myself doing foreign missionary work…but I don’t know what that looks like yet…

96. When I was in elementary school, I used to entertain the dinner guests at the country club by singing with the pianist when I was done with my meal

97. I know that God wants you to re-gift (visit RecycledRegistry.com)

98. One of family’s favorite activities is finding a new Colorado brewery and spending the afternoon there – ya know, like they do in Europe and England!

Denver Beer Company for daddy's birthday '12

Denver Beer Company for daddy’s birthday ’12

99. I thrive on change

100. I LOVE my name Hollis (narcissistic, maybe but I used to dislike it when I was younger)

101. For our wedding favors, we gave each of our guests pocket-sized United States Constitutions and Declaration of Independence (courtesy of The Heritage Foundation)

102. I wanted to drive so badly when I was younger that I started saving for my first car when I was 8 years old. When I turned 16, I bought a 1984 VW Jetta for $5,000 that I saved up all by myself

103. I was voted biggest flirt and best body of my senior class in high school

104. I have walked on a suspension bridge 200 feet above the rain-forest floor in Africa

105. My mom was my preschool teacher

106. I LOVE cats and would be that crazy cat lady if my husband were not allergic to them

107. I have had a stalker

108. I’ve spent the night in a county jail


Social Media Connections:

Moore From Life on Facebook -https://www.facebook.com/MooreFromLife

Hollis on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/hollisgm

Recycled Registry on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Recycled-Registry



2 Responses to about

  1. I love the look of your website and your title name {very cute}.
    I’m also in the blog class and haven’t “launched” yet.
    I’ll check back.
    Hopefully, we can all become friends.

  2. Hollis says:

    Thanks Lori! I am having so much fun with the Blog Class and creating my blog – for me this is long overdue and will tie in many of my random interests and business endeavors. I encourage you to keep going and have fun with it- I look forward to your blog when you are ready to share it!